Sober in Italy – Coffee and Lemons

Introduction to Italy

Friends, Romans, Countryman, all are invited to the beautiful country that is Italy. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a climate and culture to suit all. From the luscious lemons of Capri to the romantic gondola rides of Venice. It is hard not to fall in love with any, if not all of the beautiful landscape.

ItalyItaly is one of the top destinations for food and drink. Variations of which, are emanated around the world in various forms. Like with everything Italian, simplicity is key, and minimal ingredients are what makes Italian cuisine one the best in the world.

Coffee in Italy

The most famous drink of choice is coffee. Coffee is so deeply rooted, the most famous dessert from Italy, tiramisu, is based on the drink. Like with all things italian, simplicity is key, with well roasted and ground coffee beans becoming the base for all coffee served. Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cafe Macchiato, Freddo and Americano are just a few of the drinks types of coffee. However, Cappuccino is served at breakfast only, after this, it is frowned upon. Furthermore, espresso is the go to drink of choice with people having a quick coffee and small pastry and then continue on their day.

Aperitivo in Italy

Italians believe that after a long day an Aperitivo is the drink of choice, although usually alcoholic, is drank to relax and unwind and kick start their digestive metabolism and get the juices flowing with a dry tonic with a sugary kick.
ItalyThere are some non-alcoholic versions that will also satisfy the taste buds and allow you to destress such as spicy tomato juice or tonic water with lemon.
Italians also, usually finish a meal with something for the digestion, digestiv. A short sharp shot that helps to digest the rich food just eaten. Look out for anything that have ingredients like bitter citrus and herbs that help to aid digestion.

Italian Lemons

Another famous drink is limoncello, made from fresh Capri lemons but contains alcohol. Click here for a non-alcoholic limoncello recipe.
In cafes, along roadsides, stalls in markets, freshly squeezed juice of all sorts are available. The most common, lemon as lemons in Italy are some of the best in the world, but all sorts of fruit juices are also available.



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  1. We are planning on visiting Italy sometime next spring. I can’t wait to try all that it has to offer food and drink wise. I will be driving a lot so won’t want to be drinking alcohol most of the time. It’s good to know that there are plenty of tasty Italian non-alcoholic drinks readily available such as the alcohol-free limoncello. Also I had no idea that cappuccinos aren’t really drunk after breakfast time- thanks for the heads-up!


    • Sounds great, hope you have a great time, Italy is a wonderful country with lots of things to do and try for all.
      Yes, I drank cappuccino after breakfast and no-one said anything but you do get some funny looks.


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