Sober in Brunei – The Non-Alcoholic Paradise

Introduction to Brunei

Brunei, a tiny sovereign state on the north coast of Borneo surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea, is a quiet and tranquil country. Yes, tight regulations are prevalent in the country, but this is not all of what it is about. Here, there are many attributies to make it a hidden gem. As a consequence of its abundance in wealth from oilfields, Brunei has invested into its country and people, and it shows. From its majestic architecture to its wild rainforests, Brunei has something for all. As a result, this makes this idyllic and gentle country a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Brunei and Alcohol

Buying and selling all alcohol is banned in Brunei, including hotels. Non-Muslim visitors over 17 years old are allowed to bring in 2 litres of alcohol into Brunei for their personal consumption. Due to this, there is an abundance of non-alcoholic choices available. Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital, is abundant with delectable eating and drinking places. Night or day, markets or coffee chains, health food stores or quirky cafes, they have it all. Whichever non-alcoholic drinker you are, there is something for you.

Choice of Drinks

Malaysia (check out the post here), has a similar range of drinks available, and one of the best drinks to have is teh tarik, a sweet milk tea. As well, there are a wide array of coffee (kopi) available in restaurants. Another famous drink/dessert is Air Batu Campur, a Malaysian dessert common in South-East Asia. By combining shaved ice and a range of toppings which include red beans, agar jelly, condensed milk and rose syrup, makes this the one thing to try. This is the same as a falooda in Pakistan and a Cendol in South-East Asia. This combination is definitely one to try, especially for western palates as it is unusual, and not common to the west.

The American chain, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf also have establishments in Brunei and are quite popular as are independent coffee and tea shops. As Brunei is situated close to many tea and coffee plantations, so the consumption of tea and coffee is enevitable.

Local Drinks

Unripe coconut milk served over ice is another popular beverage due to the copulas amounts of coconuts available. With a general abundance of exotic fresh fruit available on its doorstep. Also, there is a good market for cold fruit juice in Brunei. Typically, sodas and canned soft drinks are also available.

The Place to Visit

One of the most famous hotels in the world to visit, due to its opulence, is the Empire Hotel and Country Club. Here holds a reasonably priced Afternoon Tea complete with non-alcoholic Champagne, but most of all, they have stunning heavenly views! Click here for a blog post on the afternoon tea I had there.

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