Sober in Austria – the home of RedBull and Coffee

Austria, a country of art and culture, home to Mozart and Freud and 8.7million people, located in Central Europe. Landlocked by Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Lichenstein. Although a German-speaking country, its historical and cultural values are its own. From its landscape dotted by mountains, valleys, lakes, and forests to the artistical and musical hub of Vienna, Austria paints an illustrious picture.


One of the drinks to have in Austria has to be its coffee. Coffee has been served in Austria since the second Turkish siege of Vienna in the 17th century when Turkish armies fled in panic, leaving goodies such as coffee beans behind. Since Austria has one of the highest consumptions in the western world. To Austrian’s, coffee is not just a drink, but a way of life. Making its numerous coffee houses famous around the world, from young students to elder, all take part in its coffee rituals.  Hence, due to its history, coffee houses and coffee culture is a deeply embedded and historical affair. However, to simply order coffee is not possible. It requires more thought process and knowledge of what type of coffee you would actually like.

Red Bull

RedBull, the result of an Austrian businessman travelling to Hong Kong and discovering energy drinks. Discovering its popularity in Asia, he decided to introduce the concept to Europe and thus Redbull was born. RedBull is an energy drink based on caffeine, packaged in an iconic red and blue thin container with two bulls as the logo.

RedBull’s national headquarter resides in Fuschl in Salzkammergut. The Austrian businessman, Dietrich Meteschitz, is one of the richest men in Austria. The growth of Red Bull is still positive, mostly due to Mr Meteschitz philanthropist ways, with donating to the Austrian economy and its people.


Local to Austria is Almdudler. A sweetened carbonated drink based on mountain herbs. A flavour reminiscent of a cross between lemonade and elderflower makes this a light and delicate drink. Most commonly used as a mixer or with water. Almdudler is considered the national drink of Austria. Oh and it’s delicious.





  1. Hey there,

    I just landed in Austria and you sure are correct, coffee here is a way of life.

    Actually, I have already had the red bulls and it is amazing. I feel like taking a dozen of this coffee to my home country,

    I am yet to try almdudler. But I have really heard great things about it. I can’t wait to taste it.

    Thanks a lot for the info on the two famous drinks.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for a lovely write up on the history behind coffee in Austria. I am an avid coffee lover myself, so I can completely understand why the Austrian’s love it so much!
    It has made me want to visit the country purely to taste the coffee beans – there is definitely such a thing that some beans taste better than others!


    • Thanks for reading it, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, there is definitely more coffee than you think in Austria. The coffee houses in Austria are so unique.


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