DryJuly 2018 – 5 Ways It Could Improve Your Life

It’s that time of year again when you restart your goals that you made in January to drink less alcohol or continue your alcohol-free life. It has been proven that even 1 month off the stuff, is better for your body than not going alcohol-free at all. For a bonus, you will also be raising money for people living with cancer.

1) Save Money

An easily measurable benefit is a healthier bank balance. Cutting out alcohol could save you a significant amount of money if you normally spend quite a lot on drinks. Drinking a glass a night results in costing you £120. Even with alternatives, you will be able to save money rather than spend it.

2) Sleep Better

Alcohol can make you feel sleepy and drop off quicker, but drinking regularly can upset your overall sleep pattern and leave you tired, research suggests. Drinking can also make you more likely to snore because it relaxes the tissues in your throat.

3) Energetic

If you abstain, you obviously won’t get any hangovers. And you may find that you feel more energetic if you are also sleeping better.

4)Better Skin

Alcohol can make you dehydrated and some say this takes its toll on the appearance of your skin. Certainly, some people find that alcohol gives them a flushed face. Switching from alcohol to drinking more water is advisable to help your complexion.

5) Skinnier

If you want to lose a couple of pounds the faster and easiest way is to ditch the booze. Most are full of calories, empty calories that you don’t know that you are consuming. And when consuming alcohol, it has been proven that people make bad food choices to compensate, adding to the calorie overload.

For alternatives to alcohol, check out the Recipes Page or Products that you can buy.

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